The Great Ridge

The Great Ridge a classic walk for all ages and fitness one of the gems of the Peak District. the view from the small town of Castleton shows the whole ridge in all its glory.

For a good walk along the ridge its is highly recommended to start in the town at the visitors centre and to do a loop of the ridge taking in the smaller village of Hope

To start the walk the post code is S33 8WN.

From Castleton you can explore many of the Caverns such as Speedwell or Blue John to see how they mined the semi precious stone, or take in Peveril castle and cavedale.

For me I always start in Castleton and walk out to the old broken Road that was finally closed in 1979. A slow walk up around the road and you get a sense of the landslip from Mam Tor. Passing blue John cavern you will walk around to Mam Nick before the path up to the summit of Mam Tor( Mother Hill )

The view into Edale and the summit plateau of Kinder to the north can make this climb all the more enjoyable and on summer days you get to see the para-gliders using the thermals of the slopes to go flying.

The path will slowly meander down to the col of Hollins Cross which is the old pack horse crossing route of salt, coal and salt. From here you can escape down to Castleton but you carry on along the ridge to the stile by the wood. You climb over the stile and begin the climb up to Back Tor.

Back tor has a small out crop to give you the classic photo opportunity of you with Brown Knoll, Edale valley and Grindbrook Knoll. Now you have the another great view of the valley. Lose hill and the ridge is 3km long and at the top you have the summit pillar which will tell you all the places on the horizon in a 360 circle. the end of the ridge also allows you great views of Win Hill and down the Hope valley . You can take the path down past the farm into hope which is on the right , the left path takes you past lose hill retreat and spa and a good country inn the Cheshire Cheese before a 1 mile road walk into Hope.

There are a few good cafes in Hope and two inns selling good beer. After a good rest you will walk back to Castleton from Hope following the river and a great 10 mile walk.

Always take a map which for this area and the Dark peak is OL1 and check local weather forecast.

The names Win hill and Lose hill are said to have taken their names from from an ancient saxon battle of 626BC. The rival kings of Edwin of Northumbria and Cuicholm of Wessex took the forces on the hills and a battle ensued.

The out post of Peveril castle also has an unusual neighbour a cavern know as the “Devils Arsehole”

There are many historical myths in this area a great lace to explore.

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