Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Service

  • Allwalks are staffed by appropriately qualified staff. Staff to student ratios is in accordance with national governing body guidelines.
  • Whilst every reasonable attempt will be made to deliver courses, Mountain Escapes reserves the right to cancel or modify the courses at any time before or during the event due to safety considerations and factors beyond our control.

Liability and Insurance

  • All the activities we run have an element of assumed risk. Participants should be aware of and willing to accept the inherent risk of accidents & injury involved. They should be prepared to assume personal responsibility for their own actions and involvement.
  • Mountain Escapes is not under any liability whatsoever in respect of any personal injury or death, nor loss of or damage to personal property unless caused by proven negligence or default on their part whilst attending the course.
  • In the circumstances of cancellation of the event by Mountain Escapes, any liability shall be limited to the original fees paid. No liability whatsoever is accepted for consequential losses resulting from such a cancellation.
  • Mountain Escapes is insured for public liability cover for the course.
  • No insurance cover is included for participants. You are strongly advised to ensure you have your own suitable insurance cover in place.

Health and Safety Considerations

  • Mountain Escapes reserves the right to modify or cancel advertised courses due to safety considerations or other factors beyond our control. To help us to help you, we ask that you disclose any relevant information relating to your health or capabilities on the booking form. All information supplied will be treated sensitively & in strict confidence. This enables us to make informed decisions when including you. Participants are expected to have a realistic level of fitness to participate in their chosen course.
  • Mountain Escapes does not hold an Adventure Activities License to work with unaccompanied youngsters. Under-18’s may attend but must be accompanied during the activity by a parent (or legal guardian) on any course. (Sorry, but supervision by another responsible adult is not legally acceptable).
  • Mountain Escapes reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Mountain Escapes may require any participant to leave the course if that person acts in any such manner as to endanger him/herself or any other person, or if a participant is not of a suitable standard to be on that particular course.

Equipment and Clothing

  • Participants must provide their own equipment and clothing, unless otherwise specified/arranged. All equipment must be suitable and will be checked by the Course Director.
  • Damage or loss to any equipment supplied by Mountain Escapes, caused by negligence, malicious acts or carelessness must be paid for at the time at current replacement value.

Bookings and Payments

A booking form must be completed & signed by all participants.

(This is very important for insurance purposes.)

  • Where a participant is under 18 years of age, it should be signed & acknowledged by a parent/guardian on their behalf.
  • For events that are longer than one day, or over £50, we can accept staged payments. Please contact us to discuss.
  • All other fees e.g. car parking fees, accommodation etc. are payable by the participant. (unless otherwise agreed)

Cancellations, Refunds or Transfers

  • Should you cancel your booking for any reason more than 7 days before your course commences, we can offer a full refund.
  • Should you cancel your booking for any reason less than 7 days before your course commences, there will be no refunds and the full amount will be payable.
  • If you have a problem with your booking and wish to switch to another one of our other courses or re-schedule dates it may be possible at our discression to transfer money paid on to the new course depending on circumstances and amount of notice.
  • In the extremely unlikely event of a cancellation by Mountain Escapes, participants will be notified by telephone, in writing or by e-mail as soon as practicable and the course re-booked for another time or a full refund given.
  • As part of the continual review of safety and associated considerations, the conditions of booking are subject to change, clarification and modification etc. at any time.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

  • All personal information provided by participants will be treated sensitively & in strict confidence.
  • Any information retained following the course will be kept securely & not divulged to third parties.
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