Mountain Weather

Living in the UK, and being ‘typically’ British, we are always looking at, and talking about the weather. Our weather is greatly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream, a current of warm water which originates in the Caribbean. Giving the UK a relatively warm climate in comparison with other places on theContinue reading “Mountain Weather”

Welsh 3000’s

There are officially 15 peaks over 3000ft (914m) in Snowdonia, they are known as the Welsh 3000s, and because of their relatively close proximity to each other, it is possible to walk them all in one day (albeit a long one.) The total distance of the walk is around 28 miles depending on which routeContinue reading “Welsh 3000’s”

Snowdonia National Park

The magnificent landscape has attracted visitors for centuries. Victorians travelling from the rapidly growing industrial cities of the North West revelled in the clean air and tranquillity. For them it was the perfect playground, away from the dirt and noise of those crowded towns. Snowdonia National Park still has the same draw today. The VictorianContinue reading “Snowdonia National Park”

Walking Poles

Walking Poles Yes or No Have you ever thought about purchasing some walking poles? What are they good for? Do you really need them? In this post we will look at the benefits of using them. More and more people are starting to realise the benefits of using walking poles while out hiking. Walking withContinue reading “Walking Poles”


Compact yet powerful for its size, MSR’s Pocket Rocket has been a market leading canister-top gas stove for a long time. I’ve had one for many years, now looking a bit battered but still going strong. But technology develops, gadgets get ever smaller, and though it’s a classic, in recent years my trusty old PocketContinue reading “MSR POCKET ROCKET 2”

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